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Upper West Side Cooperative Hallway Redesign

Our team recently completed a hallway redesign project at 60 Riverside Drive, a twenty-one story luxury cooperative building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Once a rolling countryside and farm land for tobacco production, the Upper West Side has since transformed into one of the most affluent and sought-after neighborhoods in the United States. Situated between Central Park and the Hudson River, the Upper West Side is known for its diverse residents and its myriad of cultural institutions such as the American Museum of Natural History, Columbia University, and the Lincoln Center. Its mix of high-rise condos, historic buildings, and classic brownstones have made it a prime filming location for countless iconic films/TV shows including Ghostbusters, You’ve Got Mail, and Seinfeld.

60 Riverside Drive was built in 1964, and the existing hallways needed a renovation for style as well as accessibility. With our redesign, we aimed to modernize the interiors to a level befitting both the building and the neighborhood. The initial proposal addressed the need for a fresh color scheme, upgraded lighting to accent the hallways, and new hardware to bring the space up to code.

60 Riverside Drive New York NY Hallway Redesign Before vs After

Hallways Before vs. Hallways After

The original beige walls and ceiling offered little contrast so we chose to add some variation along with a sleeker selection: white for the ceiling and two shades of gray for the walls—a lighter one for the main wallcovering, and a darker one to serve as an accent. By using new vinyl wallcovering with an emboss, we were able to hide imperfections and create a clean finish throughout the corridors. We painted the doors and trim with complementary shades like burnt ember and pewter to add further variation while still coordinating with the new color scheme.

In addition to the walls and ceilings, the flooring needed to be upgraded. In place of the worn and damaged carpet, we installed Axminister carpet with a customized pattern to enhance the space. By using carpet bands installed in intervals, we were able to break up the long corridors, making them more visually interesting while also giving the building the ability to replace sections of the of worn areas, as needed.

We also installed a white wood base along the floor and added white crown molding throughout the corridors and around the elevator bank for an upscale finishing touch. The crown-molding served another purpose as well: skillfully concealing wires the previous design left exposed.

A major focal point for our hallway redesign was the elevator bank. We wanted to set this area apart and create a sense of arrival and variation, so we applied the darker wallcovering on the elevator wall. We also replaced the small outdated mirror console across from the elevator doors with an oversized decorative mirror that is more to scale with the space. New sconces on either side of this unit help define the space, offering a polished look to residents as soon as they step out of the elevator.

To provide a seamless transition down the corridors, we also replaced the ceiling lights with customized fixtures. Because they were fashioned specifically for the redesign, these polished fixtures effectively serve as the jewelry of the hallways, adding more visual interest and style.

60 Riverside Drive Exterior

Lastly, our redesign included swapping in modern signage and up-to-code hardware. The new signs for exits, stairs, rooms, etc. match the new color scheme and feature raised Braille lettering and a more stylish look. In the same vein, we installed new stainless-steel hardware and top locks on all apartment doors and replaced the door viewer plates and chimes. Another important update was installing black granite door saddles with a “Hollywood Bevel” to each doorway. Not only does this bring the entryways up to ADA regulation, but it also ensures durability and ease of transition from corridor to apartment. Additionally, we replaced the large outdated emergency lights with smaller, more modern units. These vital upgrades ensure that the space not only appears contemporary, but also offers equity of access and ease-of-use for all residents and their guests.

Overall, our hallway redesign for 60 Riverside Drive helped bring the interior up to modern standards for aesthetics and accessibility. These upgrades serve to enhance the space, adding a sense of visual unity and interest to the building as a whole, which makes it even more desirable for design-savvy buyers and renters.

Is your condo or co-op considering a hallway redesign? Contact us today for a free survey and proposal!

Financial District Condominium Lobby Remodel

We are pleased to reveal a design concept that we created for a mixed-use tower located off of the world famous Wall street in the Financial District of NYC. The building is comprised of 346 luxury condo residences along with high-end hotel space. The Board reached out to us with a desire to redesign their modern but impractical lobby. They asked for a design that would help to differentiate the condo tower from the hotel next door. Additionally, the Board expressed concerns about an exposed backroom that revealed an unattractive electrical panel to all guests. They also requested additional package space, which is a prevalent pain point for nearly all condominiums and cooperatives across NYC.

Financial District Condominium Lobby Remodel View 1

Condo Lobby Design Concept Rendering Front Desk View

Our design process started with analyzing how we could separate the condo lobby from the hotel lobby both visually and aesthetically. The existing residential lobby is separated only by a transparent glass partition with a built-in seating area mirrored on both sides. Since the Board requested more privacy in their lobby, we envisioned a custom marble wall partition that contains a water vapor fireplace flanked with a custom, abstract wood/brass wall partition.

A seating area is situated in front of the focal fireplace wall to define the area and create an inviting space to wait. Not uncommon, the Board wanted to minimize the seating available in the new design because their existing chairs are gratuitously comfortable. This leads to guests lingering for prolonged periods of time as opposed to using the space as a waiting area. Therefore our proposed furniture was carefully curated to be stylish and comfortable but not overly loungey.

interior design New York City

Condo Lobby Design Concept Rendering Front Entry View

The front desk position and its presence were of great importance to the Board. Because the Board wanted a memorable first impression when a guest walks into the building, we thought a custom-designed geometric desk made of the same white marble as the center of the wall partition would produce the “wow factor” that the Board desired. The marvelous lobby desk sits in front of a custom warm wood wall paneling with brass accents. This back wall was designed to conceal the new larger package room, the exposed backroom/electrical panel, as well as the entrance to the stairs. By implementing the special millwork paneling, we were able to extend the size of the package room by nearly four feet.

For the flooring, we selected a subdued tile that would pull from the marble on the desk and fireplace. Because the marble brought in lots of movement to the space, we chose a floor with a clean look that would not distract from the focal points of the space.

In the end, we were able to address all of the concerns the Board had with their existing lobby through our innovative design solutions. By custom-designing different elements of an interior in-house, we are able to offer cutting-edge options to our clients. Consequently, our clients receive greater value for money and a design that is catered precisely to their needs.

Birchwood Towers Lobby & Hallway Interior Design

Our team has been busy working on a lobby and corridor redesign project at the Birchwood Towers cooperative in Forest Hills, Queens. The quaint neighborhood of Forest Hills is primarily known for its role as the host of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships as well as its plethora of Tudor style architecture. The scope of this project includes two different buildings within the Birchwood Towers complex, Toledo and Kyoto.

Toledo Existing Lobby Versus ALine Lobby Design Concept (Rendering)

The buildings’ existing conditions are heavily themed. Toledo has a Spanish medieval theme which includes faux torch light fixtures while Kyoto has an Asian theme complete with a bridge and koi pond. The Board of Toledo and Kyoto reached out to us with an interest in overhauling the interiors of their existing lobbies and hallways. The Board told us that they were tired of the themed look and that they wanted something warmer with a residential feel. They also mentioned that they wanted a cohesive and timeless design with featured elements. 

One of the major challenges of this project was incorporating ADA ramps into the design. The codes required for the ramps dictated much of the space planning in the lobbies. Once the renovation begins, the lobbies of both buildings will be taken down to the studs. The new spaces that we have designed are very modern and the schemes of each building relate to each other. Currently, the buildings’ common areas are vastly disconnected with no correlation between the design schemes.

Kyoto Existing Lobby Versus ALine Lobby Design Concept (Rendering)

Once construction is completed, the two lobbies will have the same flooring, wallcovering, custom lighting, and identical feature walls. The floor-to-ceiling Kinon feature walls will be flanked with frosted glass panels from Forms & Surfaces.  Further, each building will have its own custom front desk made up of metal, wood, and stone. We designed the desks in each lobby so that they would accommodate all staff and visitors. There are different heights/levels on the desks which allows the staff to sit or stand while also giving them a clear view to interact with all visitors including those with disabilities. Finally, stylish ADA ramps built of metal and wood with cable wires will be incorporated into both public areas.

There are a few small differences between the lobbies. For instance, Toldeo has more open space than Kyoto and thus Toledo’s finished lobby will contain an additional seating area. Further, Kyoto’s lobby contains a portal that leads to the elevators and mailroom. For this unique area, we chose a chevron, wood-look wallcovering which is not only durable but also brings elegance and warmth into the space.  Lastly, both buildings will have their hallways renovated entirely including wallcovering, light fixtures, mirrors, and carpet. Construction will kick-off in the Fall of 2019 and our team is eager to watch the extreme transformation unfold!

Flatiron Co-op Lounge & Breezeway Design

Lounge Design Concept (Rendering)

We are delighted to announce that our firm was recently awarded a project to redesign the lobby/first floor, breezeway, hallways, elevators cabs, basement, and basement corridor at a cooperative building in the Flatiron district. The diverse and bustling Flatiron neighborhood includes some of the city’s most popular restaurants, a trendy retail environment, and an array of beautiful architecture including the famous triangular-shaped Flatiron building along with an abundance of Beaux-Arts and cast-iron buildings. The Flatiron district is also home to Madison Square Park which has become the go to spot for public art installations and free concerts. As property values rise and competition increases in this prominent neighborhood, buildings must constantly stay focused on providing competitive services, amenities, and high-end interior design to retain current occupants and attract new buyers.

Existing Breezeway vs. Breezeway Design Concept (Rendering)

We were awarded this great project after competing in an interior design contest arranged by the Board. We were asked to redesign a section of the existing public spaces within the co-op as well as create three-dimensional renderings of the designs. The board asked for a creative and efficient use of their existing spaces. Aside from that request, the Board gave us complete independence to express our creativity and showcase our unique design personality. Our team decided that we would address the lobby/first floor and breezeway areas for the design competition because of the Board’s concern for these spaces. Additionally, we felt that that the current first floor layout was not maximizing the space appropriately. Thus, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to transform the underutilized space in the lobby sitting area, management office, and conference room into a multipurpose lounge.

Breezeway Design Concept (Rendering)

For the lounge, we custom-designed a water vapor fireplace to be the centerpiece of the space. If approved in the final design, the transparent fireplace will be embedded within a gorgeous, gray bookmatched stone partition. For the furnishings of the lounge, we chose modular furniture that could be easily moved and adapted for any event. We elected to build windows seats into the existing architecture to allow for more flexibility in the space. For the flooring, we chose a wood-like porcelain tile to provide durability in a high-traffic area while also adding warmth to the space. We opted for three different sources of lighting in the lounge: lighting coves, dainty sconces made by Arteriors, and decorative lighting within the bookshelf/sculptural dividing wall. Once completed, the lounge will be a flexible space that can be used to host holiday parties, resident functions, board meetings, etc.

For the breezeway, we selected an asymmetrical floor pattern because it easily leads and guides guests in between the two buildings while being visually pleasing. For the lighting in the breezeway, we wanted it to feel and look almost like an art installation thus we opted for a statement-making, hanging LED wire chandelier. Lastly, we chose floor-to-ceiling glass walls to replace the existing curtain walls which will make the space feel more open and airy.

By engaging in these common area design projects, the building is staying on top of the massive changes happening in the Flatiron district and staying relevant. These upgrades will be a radical shift in style from the co-op’s current traditional design to a much more modern aesthetic. We are ecstatic with how the designs have turned out and the Board seems to agree. However, since the official design process has yet to begin, there is a chance the final designs could take a different route and differ dramatically from the renderings presented in the design competition. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!

Gramercy Park Hallway Remodel

We are excited to reveal details about a design we completed for a condominium in Gramercy Park. The seven-story building was home to a brewery for over sixty years before it was converted into a residential condominium building. The units in this one-of-a-kind structure retain many of the brewery’s original details including wood beam ceilings, exposed brick walls, and massive north and east facing windows. The building’s lobby was upgraded in recent years to have a modern feel. The corridors, on the other hand, were not renovated along with the lobby and they continued to retain their traditional style. The owners contacted us looking for a typical hallway remodel with a little edge.

Initial Hallway Design Inspiration

Our team was retained to perform a complete ceiling and hallway redesign with all new finishes and fixtures. The biggest concern of the client and the main design challenge for this project was the marriage of the mismatched ceilings of the east and west wings. Because the condo was composed of two different buildings, the ceilings were dissimilar in each wing. The owners wanted as much unification as possible with the inconsistent ceilings.

Initially, we showed the client inspiration images of Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. The owners reacted very positively to that style. Based on the owner’s input and feedback, we decided to go with a soft, industrial, and modern feel in the hallways to enhance the existing character of the building.

Once we discovered the amazing features of the apartments, we immediately knew that we wanted to build on and play off these amazing elements. We thought it would be a great idea to bring some of the flavor of the individual units into the hallways. Thus, we opted for a wood panel treatment at the elevator landings to relate the exposed wood beams in the units to the hallways. We chose a modern chair rail, carpet pattern, and color palette. Additionally, we custom-designed signage, mirrors, wallcovering, and benches. We brought in bronze and steel accents as much as possible to mimic the steel holding the beams together.

The ceiling on the west wing could be described as possessing a dated architecturally-angled appearance which not only created dark spots in the hallways but also displayed a stark difference from the east wing’s normal horizontal ceiling. Fortunately, we found that there was two feet of extra space above the angled ceiling and we advised that it be flattened as well as raised to the allowable maximum height.

The current hallways are truly not a representation of the amazing character that the individual apartments hold. We cannot wait to start construction on the hallway remodel and watch this condo develop into a first-class building.

Interior Design Inspiration – ROCK N ROLL

From a young age I was memorized by rocks. My grandmother sparked that initial curiosity. She had a rock tumbler. We would scour Texas beaches or fields to find stones that we thought had potential. We would put them in the tumbler and wait…. I was always impatient wanting to see if mine were going to be the most beautiful. It was so exciting to open the tumbler after days of them rolling around together. Each one polishing the other to reveal their true beauty. The smooth hard surface, the colors, the wonder of nature revealed. It was in this a lesson was taught. What may be rough and unrefined on the outside held beauty inside. Each one unique and special in it’s own way.

That wonder still lies within me and I love to see rocks incorporated into design. They have been the inspiration for lamps, hardware, wallpaper, and of course jewelry. Below are examples of such applications. I will always remember those special times with my grandmother and I am reminded of those fond memories each time I see such lovely uses of a simple thing I hold dear.

geode lamp | bracelet bar cart | rock wallpaper | crystal chandelier 

Condo Lobby and Corridor Redesign in Williamsburg

We are currently in the design development phase of a lobby and corridor redesign project on Kent Avenue. The 14-story condominium is located on the waterfront in the trendy Williamsburg district of Brooklyn. The area has been on the rise for quite some time with countless hotels, restaurants, and residential buildings popping up all over the neighborhood. Due to this extreme growth, the competition between condos and co-ops has become quite fierce.

Across Williamsburg, Boards and building owners are now looking to redesign their common areas much sooner than they normally would in order to keep their building relevant as well as to attract prospective buyers. Considering the competitive nature of the area and our expertise, the Board elected to give us complete freedom to design their common spaces. Since being engaged on this project, our designers have been hard at work creating interior designs that are appealing and enticing to the hip crowd of Williamsburg.

Lobby Rendering

For the lobby, we opted to create a focal point using bookmatched beige onyx stone slabs. The stone will be installed behind the front desk and it will resemble a piece of abstract art. Alongside this gorgeous slab of gemstone, there will be a hidden package closet. This closet will help manage the flow and volume of packages from all the Amazon enthusiasts and online shoppers. We selected a geometric counter for the front desk and pendant lighting to delicately hang above the modern work-space. To the side of the front desk, a lush green wall will extend towards the resident lounge. The vertical garden will bring in natural elements of the outside surroundings and create a refreshing atmosphere. Lastly, we designed a custom three-dimensional pattern of carved stone for the elevator landing wall. This accent wall will be lit from above to catch all the highs and lows of the stone.

For the corridors, we custom designed a bold, graphic abstract carpet pattern. We selected a wood wallcovering, consisting of warm tones to balance out the strong carpet pattern. As for the lighting, we picked two different types: a cove for the left side and sconces for the right side. The dual asymmetrical lighting will add layers and depth to the hallways. As you will notice in the rendering, the corridor design is noticeably different than most condos and co-ops. Once completed, the corridors will feel like an upscale, chic hotel rather than a residential hallway.

For this project, our team had to really think outside the box. Our goal was to please our client, but it was also to create something totally different and unique that will motivate prospective buyers to choose this condo on Kent Avenue as their new address. We look forward to seeing this space come to life (literally).

If your condo or co-op is considering a lobby and corridor redesign, please reach out to us. We are deeply experienced in designing timeless and beautiful public spaces including lobbies, hallways, fitness centers, rooftop decks, lounges, amenity spaces, and meeting rooms.

New York City Lavish Amenity Space

We are nearing the completion of our project designing a luxury amenity space at the renowned address of 535 West End Avenue. This beautiful pre-war style, white-glove building is located in the Upper West Side. All of the units are either half or full floor residences that range from 3,700 to 8,400 square feet. The residents enjoy an abundance of amenities including an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, spa, game room, and an outdoor courtyard. And in just a few short months, they will have a new high-end entertaining space to host parties and events.

The Board asked for an upscale, adult-only lounge in which residents could host fundraising events, cocktail parties, conferences, and meetings. This new space, originally a studio apartment off of the lobby, was completely gutted down to the concrete slabs. We started with a blank canvas! The result will be an open-concept, multi-purpose room with a conference space, comfortable sitting area, cocktail tables, bar, and powder room.

The conference area features a faux fireplace of beautiful bookmatched marble, reminiscent of petrified wood. The stone is flanked on either side by built-in bookcases, custom designed with asymmetrical, yet visually balanced shelving. Tufted window seats are tucked into deep window sills that make up the elegantly curved facade of the building. Sunlight streams in to bathe the made-to-order 8’ wood slab live-edge walnut table perched atop solid brass wishbone shaped legs. The glowing coved ceilings overhead illuminate champagne leafing and is adorned with brass, Sputnik-like chandeliers. The floor is honed Blue Cielo marble with a black marble double border inlay. The border follows the curve of the window wall and allows for the eye to flow around the space and adds a tailored touch.

The sitting area is defined by a grey and white marbled cowhide rug from Argentina. Custom lounge chairs from The New Traditionalists are upholstered in luxe blue leather on the inside seat and fuzzy mohair from Schumacher wraps the outside. Detailed with leather straps and a contrast welt, the chairs are inviting and stylish. A buttery, soft leather banquette bench is tucked into a niche that has tufted royal blue velvet upholstered up the wall from the floor to the ceiling. Recessed lighting accents the sheen and depth of the velvet-covered wall. The addition of bar height tables and the iconic Bertoia wire collection bar chairs allow visitors the space to work at a laptop or enjoy a cocktail.

Across from the sitting area is the exquisite bar top which is made out of Kenya Black marble. Its strong veining gives the look of petrified wood. This piece creates a counter-balance to the faux fireplace across the room, made of the same Kenya Black marble, effectively relating both sides of the room to each other. To add just a touch of drama, the monolithic stone face of the bar is downlit with a warm wash of light. A few more Bertoia bar chairs pulled up to the bar provide a nice metal contrast to the stone. Behind the bar is a built-in undercounter beverage refrigerator and a striking polished hammered nickel sink with brass faucet — features that provide convenience to guests during catered events and cocktail parties alike. To reflect light and add further depth to the room, the back bar wall is finished off with antiqued mirror tiles laid in a herringbone pattern within a golden glass border. Brass cylindrical pendants hang delicately over the Kenya Black bar top.

The jewel-box powder room is dramatic, moody and intimate. The flooring is a honed and polished black marble swirled mosaic, trimmed by a polished brass pinstripe to transition to the 6” polished Nero Marquina marble border. The same polished black marble is carried up the walls in varying tile sizes, to create a marble wainscoting. To finish it off, we’ve inlayed a brushed brass bar. The walls above the wainscoting are hand finished with a moody blue concrete plaster wall treatment. The custom marble vanity gives another added touch of personalized design. The final elements are brass chain sconces mounted directly onto the antiqued, smoked mirror wall above the vanity.

Throughout the amenity space there is a special hand applied finish on the walls. It is a grey concrete plaster that is layered with wax to give a sense of depth and movement. It gives the space a unique look. All of the woodwork is grey cerused oak including the cabinetry in the bar, the bookcases, and the detailing on the custom lounge chairs. Moreover, the technical capabilities of the space were not overlooked here. The customized AV system controls the lighting, music, tv, motorized shades and phone conferencing.

The design of the amenity space was all about mixing metals — specifically nickel and brass. We took great care in adding the tiny details, tailor-made furnishings, high-end finishes, furniture, and accessories which give the space its aura of exceptional beauty and luxury. We have loved watching the details unfold and are excited to see the finished space come to life. We can’t wait to unveil this to our clients. Stay tuned for after images.

New York Co-op Hallway Redesign

At the end of 2015, ALine Studio was awarded a hallway redesign project at the prestigious Park Regis high rise residential building in New York City. Built in 1974, the Park Regis building is located in historic Carnegie Hill near Central Park and has approximately 210 units and 30 stories. While the building is well maintained, it was time for an update. The Board asked for a “light, simple, residential feel”. They wanted something that would appeal to both modernists and traditionalists alike.

A key design element going into the project is the addition of a coved ceiling at the elevator landing. This architectural element will have LED lights around the perimeter to provide a nice, radiant glow as you arrive on each floor.

We selected marble flooring for the elevator landings which will complement the design scheme color palette and provide a separation between the arrival point and the residential corridors. We will additionally accent this area with a darker, richer wall treatment to create a sense of warmth and contrast from the lighter and brighter corridors. The key is maintaining a cohesive design between the two spaces to create visual continuity and harmony.

Creating custom designs to fit the needs of our clients is one of our passions. We believe it should fit the architecture of the building as well as the client’s style and vision.

For this job, we reached out to the wall covering manufacturer and worked with them on brightening and lightening the color of an already existing pattern. The manufacturer sent us the sample and to our surprise, they nailed it on the first try which makes our job much easier! The end result was a wall covering that provides a light, fresh feeling.

The carpet design was also completely customized for this project. We worked with the carpet manufacturer and went through each iteration of the pattern as well as picked each individual carpet pom. Interestingly, carpets can have 1-24+ colors in them so it can be a challenge to find the right “recipe” of color and pattern. In the end, the carpet design resulted in a sleek smoky brown striped pattern.

The tailor-made wall sconces that we helped to design were developed to spread and emit more light. The current rounded wall sconces only force light up. While our wall sconces will allow for light to spread and diffuse up, down, and around so that the hallways are illuminated.

The goal of this corridor redesign was to create a space that is timeless, simple, and refined. Based on the materials chosen for this project, we strongly believe that the new hallways will meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We love helping our clients achieve their goals and objectives. If you are in the market for a redesign of your space, please reach out to us! We specialize in all aspects of interior design.

LOFT LIFE – New York City Loft gets a Handsome Remodel

We have recently completed a full renovation of a bachelor’s loft in the Flatiron district of New York City. The loft is a prewar gem with great architectural bones including barrel vaulted ceilings and grand columns. The original interior was piecemealed together with no overall cohesive story. The kitchen had mismatched cabinets and an odd island while the living room and bedroom were filled with inconsistent furniture and accessories. Not to mention, the bedroom was completely open and visible from any spot in the loft. Overall, the space was not fully maximized to its potential and had a disconnected feel.

The bachelor asked us to create a, “panty dropping” bachelor pad.  Initially the bachelor was interested in something similar to the apartment from the movie, Hitch. After much laughter and a long serious conversation about relationship goals, the bachelor agreed that he needed something that would impress his buddies and the ladies alike but be warm enough to garner a relationship. We then got to work creating an entirely new sexy space that was bachelor chic but lady friendly.

We designed a new chef’s kitchen that any man, woman or couple would love to cook in complete with top-of-the-line appliances and a wine refrigerator. Moreover, custom steel beam covers were installed above the kitchen. The purpose of the beams were to frame and the highlight the kitchen, ground it with the dark stained wood floor, and accentuate the incredible architecture of the existing ceilings and columns. We wanted to really play up that area.

The bachelor originally wanted a pool table that converted into a dining table. However, we informed him a pool table would not add sex appeal and would not be very inviting for most women, which would interfere with his goals for the space. Instead we selected a unique steel based glass table that allowed the eye to move around the space uninterrupted. Keeping the floor plan feeling open and airy. Even the chandelier was kept light in feel, with an open grid-like construction of tiny LED lights that seem to twinkle overhead.  The adjacent living room was outfitted with a low-lying italian sofa upholstered in a plush charcoal velvet. Faux Zebra skins adorn a pair of ottomans that provide additional seating for cocktail parties. To round out and define the area, a high piled area rug added warmth and created a cozy area to snuggle up and enjoy the new fireplace.

The bedroom and living room were divided through the use of a partial wall open on both sides to provide a level of privacy while still allowing for effortless flow and function. Pendant lights were hung on either side of the bed creating a less cluttered look by keeping the nightstands clear.  Installing a gorgeous double-sided glass fireplace in that wall added a glowing ambiance to both the rooms and produced a sexy peek-a-boo view into the bedroom.

We created a bathroom oasis complete with a custom designed and fabricated floating zinc-topped vanity and a wet-room with a rain shower-head and freestanding soaking tub. We enlarged the bathroom and also moved the washer and dryer to another location. All of the plumbing fixtures were ripped out and new ones were installed. Along the back wall of the shower area we added a recessed LED light into the ceiling in order to make it seem like a skylight was letting light stream in. This saturated the walls with light which highlighted the finishes in the room, the amazing soaking tub, and created another layer of ambiance.

Throughout the apartment, we stripped away all of the plaster to expose beautiful, aged brick. A state-of-the-art Lutron system controlling the lighting, sound system and motorized shades were wired into the space. With a push of a button, custom shades come down to block out light and add privacy while the inside lights dim and music begins to fill the air. This is the ultimate soiree spot.

Finishing touches like over-sized provocative art and edgy accessories were combined to add some drama and a pop of color to the subtle monochromatic space. Further, the use of rich textures added luxury and layers of lighting adapt to any setting. The outcome was a beautiful marriage of feminine and masculine elements with a touch of manly attitude. In the end the client’s desire was realized and the result surpassed even our own expectations.

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