Modern & Timeless
Hallway Design and Lobby Design

by ALine Studio Interior Design

ALine Studio is a leader in New York City hallway and lobby design. The ALine team is deeply knowledgeable in redesigning the lobbies of condominiums, cooperatives, and apartment rental buildings. Further, our team is also proficient in developing stunning lobby design for hotels, resorts, business offices, and healthcare institutions. Our process of updating a lobby’s interior is streamlined and can be applied to any building or structure.

ALine’s Principal and CEO, Amanda Thompson, leverages her extensive hospitality and residential interior design experience to conceptualize and implement lobby interiors that are space efficient, practical, beautiful, inviting, and warm. Amanda personally oversees the lobby design process from inception to completion. As a result, her unique design personality and style is apparent in each and every project.

The public spaces of hotels, residential buildings, and offices are one of the most important assets that an organization has to promote their brand and culture. Our designers and project managers understand how to create a remarkable experience through lobby design. When designing a lobby, our team incorporates durability, technology, style, and brand identity.

Whether you own or operate a condo, co-op, or apartment building, we’re here to help create a memorable and impressive environment for your guests and residents alike.

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