Riverside Drive, Upper West Side, New York, NY

Project Description

The ALine team recently completed a corridor redesign project at 60 Riverside Drive, a twenty-one-story luxury cooperative building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Built in 1964, these original corridors needed a renovation for accessibility as well as style. One important goal of our redesign was to modernize the look and feel of the space with a focused eye on environmental, accommodation, and aesthetic upgrades.

  • Beautiful new wallcovering and high-quality ceiling and accent paint in a fresh color scheme brightens the original beige walls and ceiling, adding contrast and maximizing the available light.
  • High quality Axminster carpet with a customized pattern to complement the look and feel of the space.
  • Skillfully crafted and installed crown molding now completely conceals fiber optic cables, seamlessly blending modern technology into timeless elegance.
  • New contemporary light fixtures fashioned specifically for this redesign transforms the dimly lit corridor conditions into a vivid and energetic atmosphere
  • Modern framework and updated accent pieces at the elevator landings provide an elegant welcome to the bright new environments on each floor.
  • New emergency lights and new door hardware and saddles throughout. New custom signage package with Braille includes directional, exits, stairways, and ancillary rooms.

By selecting a high-quality wallcovering with an emboss, we were able to retain the original walls and hide existing imperfections. This created an immaculate finish throughout the corridors, saved our client thousands of dollars on wall repairs, and reduced the cost and inconvenience of future hallway maintenance.

By using carpet bands installed at intervals, we were able to break up the long corridors and make the space more visually interesting. This also provides for the future ability to replace sections of carpet that may receive excessive wear or sustain damage years later, further reducing the cost and inconvenience of future hallway maintenance.

Our completed corridor redesign at 60 Riverside Drive is a huge success. By adding a sense of visual unity and interest to the corridors that also provides accommodation, accessibility, and meets or exceeds code, the building as a whole is even more desirable in today’s ultra-competitive real estate marketplace.