Henry Street, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Project Description

75 Henry Street is a 370-unit co-op building located in Brooklyn Heights and managed by Gumley Haft. ALine Studio was engaged in 2013 to redesign and fully renovate 75 Henry’s two lobbies, community room, management offices, mailroom, and storefront. Many of these spaces had to be reconfigured entirely in order to implement the new design. We also constructed a fitness center by utilizing and combining the unused space of an old office and closet. This addition not only improved the standard of living for residents, but it also created a supplementary stream of revenue as the building now charges a small membership fee for gym access. Lastly, we completed an overhaul of the HVAC system, added a security/intercom system, revamped all of the lighting, and created a 15-foot package closet for their growing storage needs.