Sherwin Williams selected “Redend Point” SW 9081 as 2023 Color of the Year, and it pointed to a shift we are seeing in interior color palettes. Cool, crisp grays were dominant in past years. The swing towards greige and warmer tones invoke calm and restorative effects.

In many areas of life, we are encouraged to take time for mental health and embrace the present. During the COVID lockdowns we realized how much the space we are in can affect moods and productivity. Especially in the hustle and bustle of New York City, the public spaces are turning towards an oasis, an escape. At the International WELL Building Institute, their major focus is on how spaces can affect well-being.

Nourishing Color

Using colors with intent can subconsciously create an emotion or action. As interior designers we are looking at palettes, how a space functions, and also the purpose of the space for the end-user. In Sherwin Williams’ schemes, we see how “Redend” can energize a space, but also create a calming effect depending on the textures and colors around it. A complementary green can create a livelier feeling, while leaving the surrounding space white will allow “Redend” to warm the room. It also acts as a neutral to become the backdrop for layering dark & light tones with the design scheme.

At ALine Studio we look to endless sources for inspiration and are excited to see this trend toward warmer colors. Especially within our multi-family projects, where home has become a hybrid workspace and personal space, we see clients looking for an inviting, comforting feel to the public areas of their buildings.